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Cooked With Fresh Ingredients, Low Oil & Moderate Spices

DailyMeals prepares food with healthy & fresh ingredients. Meals are cooked in pure mustard oil sourced directly from farmers so that you eat Healthy. Spices are used in moderate quantities which is essential for a good health. But we don't compromise on taste. Healthy & Fresh can also be tasty. "WHY COOK, JUST BOOK"

Microwave Safe Packing

Food is packed in BPA free, food grade containers & delivered right at your doorstep. Our experienced delivery fleet assures the meals are delivered piping hot at the timeslot chosen by you.Just in case the meals are warm, all in takes is couple of minutes in microwave, all meals are delivered in microwave safe packaging. DailyMeals - Healthy, Hygienic, Affordable

Health and Hygiene

  • Only fresh ingredients (vegetables, spices etc ) are used for cooking. We treat you like our family. Hygiene and quality is top of our list
  • Food is cooked in branded low cholesterol oil. Oil used once is never used again
  • We use unpolished daals (pulses) in our cooking which are easy to digest with no adverse effects
  • Each food item is prepared fresh for delivery. NO OVERNIGHT ADJUSTMENTS
  • All food is cooked with minimum oil and moderate spices but not compromising on taste. Healthy can also be tasty
  • How we wish some tasks are way better when performed by humans than machines and hence we offer hand made tawa rotis (with / without desi ghee)

Power of Choice

  • You decide what you want and not what your subscription forces you to eat
  • You decide when to eat - 2 delivery slots each for Lunch and Dinner
  • You decide where to eat - Option of entering multiple delivery addresses

Cost effective

  • Home kitchen purity at home kitchen price. Hard to believe? check out our price list

Always in Control

  • Easy to order.
  • Easy modification / cancellation procedure*
  • Browse all ordered meals with just one click

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