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"DailyMeals bridges gap between Quality, Choice and Cost. Healthy, hygienic and affordable meals of your choice"


In homes in India and all over "Kitchen" represents purity, hygiene, cleanliness and most importantly Love and Care.We at dailymeals imbibe the same feelings and deliver healthy, pure, hygienic food that is cooked with utmost quality control. And guess what, it won't burn a hole in your wallet.

The basic idea and mission behind DailyMeals:
  • In the fast moving and competitive world today, one needs to prioritize the work one needs to do. If quality, hygiene, cost and choice of a home kitchen comes with less or no efforts and you can utilize that time with your family and loved ones or doing more important things, its never a bad deal
  • Customize you meal and pay for what you eat. If you want to eat only selected items then order only those, no need to pay for items that are forced on you but you never eat
  • Provide healthy, hygienic and cost effective food that you choose to eat. Unlike any tiffin service where you are forced to eat what is available on that day per the set menu
  • Healthy and fresh can also be easy on your pocket
  • Not to bind you with subscription
  • Freedom of choice, the more the better : There is an entire new world outside tiffin and asking the maid what to cook:)
  • If you are craving for spicy, greasy, high calorie, exotic food then we are not the ones. There are tons of hotels, restaurants and dhaabas in your city which can fulfill your unhealthy desire. We are replacing your kitchen at home and not that fancy food you ate last weekend or that spicy and oily shahi paneer you ate on your last road trip

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